Read before you buy

Read before you buy

We have created our business with the main focus on people that, hopefully just like you, are looking for safe, natural cosmetics. A place where you wouldn’t have to check every single ingredient of every product you buy, rather leave it to a trusted reseller and a carefully selected group of producers.

In our products you won’t find SLS’es, PEG’s, artificial pigments, preservatives or a multitude of fillers, which we find unnecessary in cosmetics and which bring more damage than benefits to your skin.

Our products are not tested on animals and we put our effort into searching for ingredients that are acquired without any harm on animals health or life.

Cosmetics, which you receive from us, are also used by ourselves, our families and people we love. Therefore we are giving you the product which we would choose as well among all available on the market.

Since the offered products, especially soap, are handmade, please take into account that each piece can slightly differ in color, shape or weight between each other and that it is a natural characteristic of such products. The weights presented in our shop represent the average in the product type.

We do our best, select and prepare the cosmetics with exceptional care to make sure they retain their features and that best possible ingredients are used for the production. However we are aware that every one of us is different. We can be allergic even to ingredients that are commonly considered as one of the safest in terms of allergy. If such an event occurs, please inform us about it. We will do our best to make up for your disappointment. For us the most important is that YOU are content and happy.

By choosing our products you support small and creative businesses, rather than large international corporations.

We wish you a lot of PLEASURE!

Soap for pleasure
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